Mentoring Storytellers


Proteus Writing Fellowship

The Proteus Writing Fellowship is for scientists and writers interested in developing research, science communication, and storytelling skills. Each year, we accept one student for individual mentoring and instruction. The writers pitch stories, learn the ropes of interviewing and development, and craft a series of short articles for publication in Proteus. The program is flexible with remote work.

Scholarship suggests that mentoring is integral to developing one’s career, and writing is no exception to this rule. In fields from medical to creative writing, writers perform better when mentors are available to share best practices and guide the development of instincts that will serve the writer for the long haul.

Based on successes and lessons learned from a writing program we developed at IEEE Earthzine in 2015, the program includes a series of workshops and presentations led by Proteus staff and volunteers with support from professional writers and experts in the scientific community. Readings, presentations, and activities focus on developing the skills needed to find story ideas, conduct research, interview sources, write articles, and move through the editorial process toward publication.

We aim to provide one-on-one mentoring on the writing and peer review process to help participants reach the final goal: publication. Participants will be awarded a small honorarium for participating in this rigorous program, which will be conducted much like an upper division college-level course.

If you are interested in applying for the fellowship, sponsoring a student, or sponsoring this program, please email:

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