Informal Education and Outreach

Philadelphia High School for Girls Career Day
April 12, 2019
Philadelphia, PA
Proteus heads to the East Coast when Jenny Woodman returns to her alma mater to share her experiences as a writer, educator, and ocean explorer. Her talk will highlight some of her recent adventures at sea on board the E/V Nautilus and the NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada with a spotlight on the extraordinary women she’s sailed with in order to showcase career pathways in ocean-related STEAM fields. There may even be photos of squishy cephalopods and other ocean wonders to help students see our blue planet in a new light.

Science Pub Portland: Exploring Ocean Worlds

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
March 19, 2019 at 7 p.m.
Portland, OR
$5 suggested donation

Every day at sea, a small number of scientific explorers unearth remarkable underwater ecosystems that change our understanding of biodiversity in places we once thought void of life. 

In this talk, Proteus executive director Jenny Woodman will introduce attendees to the people working to know our ocean and instill a sense of wonder about deep sea exploration, perhaps helping people to care a little bit more about our ocean world.

Knitting the Ocean: Storytelling through Knitting

Fiber Rhythm Craft and Design
Dec. 6, 2018 from 6-8 p.m.
Portland, OR
Free to the public

Because STEM fields benefit from creativity, we at Proteus promote a STEAM perspective that includes art. Jenny Woodman will lead an evening of knitting and conversation to help others engage with pattern, color, and texture in developing ocean awareness. This hybrid knit-along and talk will include highlights from recent expeditions with NOAA and the Ocean Exploration Trust, photos, and a chance to ask questions about ocean science (and knitting).

Exploring an Ocean World (with robots!)

ChickTech High School
November 10 and 11, 2018
Portland, OR

In partnership with ChickTech, Proteus facilitated a workshop for 20 high school girls interested in career pathways in technology. Students learned about ocean exploration and robotics from the team on board the Exploration Vessel Nautilus and Harvard roboticist Kaitlyn Becker, who builds squishy robot fingers to explore the ocean floor. Then, students built their own devices, using kits donated by Pathfinders Design and Technology, and constructed robotic hands out of household items.

Science on Tap: Exploring the Deep Ocean with E/V Nautilus

October 16, 2017 at 7 p.m.
Alberta Rose Theater
Portland, OR

Portland educators Alfonso Garcia Arriola, Linda Fergusson-Kolmes, and Jenny Woodman discussed their time with oceanographer  Robert Ballard’s Corps of Exploration on board the E/V Nautilus — a 64-meter research vessel outfitted with cutting-edge technology for ocean exploration and education. Alfonso, Linda, and Jenny talked about seafloor mapping, otherworldly deep sea organisms, science communication, and life at sea for this popular lecture series.

Bring the Spirit of Ocean Exploration to Your Classroom!

Oregon Science Teachers Association Fall Conference
October 14, 2017 
Portland, OR

At the OSTA 2017 Fall conference, Portland educators Alfonso Garcia Arriola, Linda Fergusson-Kolmes, and Jenny Woodman presented their experiences as science communication fellows on board the E/V Nautilus. The presenters walked attendees through lesson plans for teaching students about ocean science and provided an in-depth discussion about science and life at sea.

Engaging the Public with Ocean through Storytelling

Sept 21,  2017
Anchorage, Alaska

At this workshop, we examined science communication through the lens of storytelling. We discussed what makes a good story, how social media can engage the public, and how media framing impacts public perception.

The annual OCEANS conference, jointly sponsored by the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (IEEE/OES) and the Marine Technology Society (MTS), is an international forum for ocean scientists, engineers, and diverse  organizations in the public and private sector.